Cough Syrup and Cheese with Dixie Dave

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Melvins cover songs!!

Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausages (2013) NEW Melvins cover songs streaming now at Another great bunch of songs by a band that does what they want without giving a fuck what we think. Songs by RamJam Queen and many more. Check it out!!

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-(16)- Deep cut from dark clouds

-(16)- Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds (2012) Some great Sludge out of California! These guys have been going 20 years strong and putting out some of their best stuff ever! Check them out on bandcamp or visit

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Rotting Hills – singles (2012-13) This is my buddy Gord from Tobeatic’s other band from East Vancouver which has FOUR DRUMMERS!! The three songs they have online total about 35 minutes of brutal Sludgy Doom! Recommended for fans of YOB, Hooded Menace and EyeHateGod. Heavy as FUCK. Artwork by Allison Lilly. You can download the epic 10 min song “Belgrave” for free on bandcamp. Full length album to come soon!

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Shroud Eater

Song for the day: SHROUDEATER – Tempest (2013). New single from the South Florida Stoner Sludge trio. This band kicks ass and they have free digital downloads on bandcamp! For fans of High On Fire type of music. New EP out soon!



Slow Season – SelfTitled (2012) An awesome album that is made for fans of 70’s inspired # Psych Rock like Led Zeppelin and Rival Sons. Slow Season will be releasing a 7″ vinyl via Easyrider Records right away, which will feature the 2 heaviest songs “Heavy” and “Bars & Bars” from their self titled release. If you ever thought “What would Zeppelin do?” This is it. Check them out at or

YAMA – Seaquake

YAMA – Seaquake EP (2012)
“Dutch band Yama’s is from Tilburg holland, home of the Roadburn festival! This demo is full of psych, doom, heavy blues and enourmous riffs… The EP is available for free download on their Bandcamp page. Go get it now!” artwork by Dutch artist Maarten Donders.

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Happy #EARTH Day!! – The BeesMade Honey In The Lion’s Skull (2008) This is the fifth full-length studio album by the Seattle band, Earth. These guys have been around a looooong time and are known for being an instrumental drone metal band… so if you need your music to be fast, or to have vocals, this album is not for you. This is weed smoking hangover music. Earth Band artwork by the amazing Arik Roper.

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Barn Burner will be no more

Sad news, Montreal’s BarnBurner is disbanding. One last tour will be hitting seven Canadian cities May26 -June13! In the bright side, new bands have been formed… Check out Mountain Dust! This band features Kevin from Barn Burner on guitars and vocals, and has members of Endast and other Montreal bands! The grooves are much slower, more melodic than BarnBurner, and definitely a LOT more Stoner Rock!! Check them out at and add them on Facebook!


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Dopethrone – III (2012) Bow down to the mighty DOPETHRONE!! These three dudes from Montreal will blow your fuckin’ mind! Heavy drugged-out uplifting Doom/Sludge metal with evil grooves, growling vocals and some occasional sound clips. For fans of WEEDEATER, ELECTRIC WIZARD, EYEHATEGOD, SLEEP & CATHEDRAL. This is some seriously doomy Canadian Stoner Rock. Add them on facebook and listen at


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